Flower Power designed and created Consentulip for Jennifer Ann’s Group’s 2017 annual game design challenge in which the theme was “consent”.  Communication is key for consent so we wanted to make that a key aspect of our game. Through dialogue options and gesture play, players can explore what it's like to care for another being and discover what it means to participate in consensual interactions.

Flower Power consists of three game design majors at UC Santa Cruz.  We believe that games carry cultural values and that by creating games that talk about topics such as consent, we can normalize conversations that are currently difficult to have.


Art …………....….. Aubrey Isaacman

                                   Hesiquio Mendez

Creative Direction/

Dialogue ………... Aubrey Isaacman*

Programming ….. James Garbagnati

Sound …………… Hesiquio Mendez

User interface ….. James Garbagnati

                             Hesiquio Mendez

*Aubrey submitted the original proposal but everyone contributed to the final design and product

Special Thanks


Babylon JS

$1 gesture thingie

Robin Hunicke, Ed Gregor, and Nathan Altice for their advice and support

The Jennifer Ann’s Group for this opportunity